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Pastor Victorian Brown

Meet Our Pastor

The roots of Brothers & Sisters Church started when our beloved Pastor Victorian Melvin Brown was born to James E. Brown and Addie Novella Brown in Teaneck. Victorian Brown grew up, attended school, and discovered God in the First Baptist Church in Teaneck, where his mother and father worshipped.

Stay in the Ship

In the late 1980s, Victorian began a serious relationship with God that strengthened when he experienced a pivotal sermon given by Bishop Paul C. Jones of the St. Stephens Holiness Church in Staten Island. Appropriately titled for the deluge that Victorian was trying to escape, the sermon, "Stay in the Ship", became the life-altering experience that propelled Victorian upward on his way to seeking the glory of heaven. Victorian continued to experience the power of God through the love and healing that Bishop Jones offered. After Bishop Jones became ill, Elder Ruth Gorham picked up where he left off. Along with her pupil, Minister Linda A. Hill, Elder Gorham nurtured Victorian to become a true man of God.

A New Church Is Born

After growing under the direction of these leaders, Victorian received a vision from the Lord to start Brothers & Sisters Church. Through persistence and Victorian's ministry, Brothers & Sisters Church sprouted and continues to grow to this day in the same place where it all began. With the nurturing of Pastor Victorian Brown, many aspire to grow towards God themselves.

Education & Honors

Pastor Victorian Brown has been recognized by the Senate and the General Assembly from the Joint Legislative Resolution by Senator Weinberg, Assemblyman Johnson, and Assemblywoman Huttlle from the State of New Jersey for his outstanding contributions to the community of Bergen County. During his more than 25 years as a member of the church world community, Pastor Brown has graduated at the top of his class at Eastern Bible Institute of North Carolina, and has been honored by the Teaneck Clergy Council. He also earned his bachelor's degree in Religious Education and a Masters of Theology degree from Eastern Bible Institute of North Carolina.

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